Good Food means food that is:

Healthy - It provides nourishment and enables people to thrive

Green - It was produced in a manner that is environmentally sustainable

Fair - No one along the production line was exploited for its creation

Affordable - All people have access to it



Welcome to the Michigan Good Food website!

Michigan Good Food is a policy initiative centered on the Michigan Good Food Charter. The initiative aims to promote policy changes that will advance "good food" in Michigan - food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable.

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Save the date for the 2014 Michigan Good Food Summit: October 28, 2014!

More information and registration will be available spring 2014.

The Michigan Good Food Charter presents a vision for Michigan’s food and agriculture system and outlines 25 agenda priorities for the next 10 years.

Michigan Good Food Charter Executive Summary

For an overview of why good food is important - in the words of Michigan farmers and eaters - and the goals of the Michigan Good Food Charter, check out the following video.

The Process Behind the Michigan Good Food Charter

From September 2009 through May 2010, work groups examined our current situation and explored future opportunities to advance Good Food in Michigan in five arenas:

  • Youth Engagement in Community Food
  • Healthy Food Access for Families & Communities
  • Institutional Food Purchasing
  • Farmer Viability & Development
  • Food System Infrastructure

Each group presented an action agenda and invited discussion and feedback at the Michigan Good Food Summit on February 25th, 2010.

The first of its kind, the summit assembled food system stakeholders from across the state to shape a plan that will propel Michigan towards food production, distribution and marketing to support equity, sustainability and thriving economies. The feedback gathered at the summit and in the months that followed helped to shape the Michigan Good Food Charter.

For more information and videos of summit presentations, see the About page.