Upcoming Healthy Food Retail Strategies Webinar Series


Healthy Food Retail Strategies Webinar Series
Join us for three webinars this fall on strategies for creating healthier stores in your community. We’ll look at tools to increase food access in rural areas and increase distribution of healthy foods to small stores, as well as best practices for making sustainable change through policy making. We’ll also interview experts on healthy food retail and share success stories.

These webinars are designed to give public health professionals, program planners, elected officials, and other community partners a chance to learn about and discuss effective program and policy strategies. Register today to save your spot!

-          September 23: Food Access in Rural Communities – Many healthy food retail interventions focus on urban environments, and there is little information about how to increase food access in rural areas. This webinar will describe challenges to healthy food retail in rural areas and discuss strategies such as sustaining independent small grocers, establishing distribution systems, and finding rural-specific funding.

-          October 22: Addressing the Distribution Challenge – Once a retailer decides to sell healthier foods, they face another challenge: working with distributors to stock small amounts of food conveniently and affordably. This webinar will describe components of the distribution system, identify distribution challenges that urban and rural retailers face, and highlight solutions that different communities have implemented.

-          November 18: Ready For Change: Using Policy to Improve Food Access – The most sustainable change to a food retail environment may be through policy change. This webinar will define policy terms, outline food retail policy options, and highlight examples of areas that have enacted healthy retail policy.

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