Temple Grandin Inspires Students While Visiting MSU


Animal welfare was a hot topic on the campus of Michigan State University (MSU) during the week of March 10, 2014. Dr. Temple Grandin, professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, was visiting the campus.  The most visible event was the public seminar held Tuesday, March 11 for a capacity crowd in Anthony Hall on the campus of MSU.  The seminar, titled “Making Decisions about Animal Welfare and Food: Is Big Always Bad and Small Always Good,” left the whole audience thinking and many youth inspired.  Numerous youth representing 4-H clubs and FFA chapters were visible during the public seminar. Dr. Grandin’s remarks proved to be thought-provoking for students across campus. MSU animal science junior Garrett Slavik commented, “It was great to hear her perspective on various topics within animal agriculture,” while other students found her opinions somewhat challenging. This was particularly true of her perspective on the concept of focusing on what’s optimum, not maximum in livestock production: “I think of animals as a country,” commented Grandin. “If you invest into production, egg, meat, milk, you don’t have anything left for military (reproduction).” For more information about Temple Grandin, visit www.grandin.com. For more information about animal welfare, follow Michigan State University Extension educator Melissa Elischer’s series: Animal Welfare for Youth.

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