MIFMA Publishes Report on SNAP Usage at Farmers’ Markets


Image courtesy mifma.org. (view larger image)

Image courtesy mifma.org.

Last month, the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) published a report entitled “Bridging the Gap: Connecting Michigan Families with Local Food and Farmers 2013 SNAP Bridge Card Usage at Michigan Farmers Markets.” 

One hundred and eleven organizations that manage farmers markets in Michigan worked with the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) to create the report outlining SNAP usage at Michigan farmers markets during the 2013 season. Based on the analysis of the survey results, MIFMA found that at least $1.2 million in SNAP benefits was spent at farmers markets in Michigan last year and that almost 11,000 Bridge Card holders used their SNAP benefits at a farmers market for the first time last year. 

The full report and a 2-page summary can be found on their website at http://mifma.org/snap/. MIFMA encourages the sharing of this report with others as an important tool to communicate about the efforts of individual market managers across the state as well as MIFMA’s work to support their efforts and expand the number of farmers markets accepting SNAP in Michigan.