Michigan Food Policy Council Releases 2013 Recommendations


Although nearly one million Michigan residents lack access to fresh, healthy food at this time, according to the Michigan Food Policy Council (MFPC), small farms and growers have the ability to provide what they lack, as long as we can remove some barriers first. 

The MFPC released their 2013 Report of Recommendations this past month, which makes the case that investing in Michigan’s farmers market sector will increase health among residents and the number of jobs in the state. The report, “Cultivate a Safe, Healthy, Accessible Food Supply and Build Michigan’s Economy,” calls for better statewide food access for residents, increased capital for local food businesses, reduced financial and logistical hurdles for small farms and increased investment in farmers market infrastructure.

The MFPC makes three primary recommendations in the report:

1. Build the capacity of Michigan’s farmer market sector to increase access to healthy foods.

2. Help small-scale farms achieve food safety certification to increase their sales to the retail food industry, institutional buyers and consumers.

3. Support a state Healthy Food Financing Initiative to provide access to financial capital for job creation in the local food system.