Lunch Keynote to focus on Fairness in Michigan’s Food System


We define good food as food that is healthy, green, affordable and fair…but what does “fair” mean for workers in Michigan’s food system? Panelists at the lunch keynote at this year’s Michigan Good Food Summit on October 28, 2014 will address this aspect of good food with a discussion of what fairness is in the context of restaurant work and food production work, as well as for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Three speakers – Dr. Alicia Farris, Filiberto Villa, and Tom Thornburg – will explore what “fair” means in the context of their work and the future of the food system in Michigan. Panelists will discuss fairness in terms of wages, benefits, support and opportunities, what is being done, and what can be improved upon to ensure that no one in the supply chain is exploited and equity is upheld in our food system.

Speakers for this keynote come from a variety of backgrounds including the legal system, a farmers’ co-operative, and a restaurant workers association, and will discuss creating a food system that is fair to improve the health, prosperity and equity of all Michigan people.