Fundraising for Local Food


Michigan Land Use Institute (MLUI) has been seeking support to implement one of the Michigan Good Food Charter agenda priorities—“10 cents a meal,” whereby schools are given extra funds to purchase local, healthy food for school meals. (See March 2012 newsletter.) In the meantime, they’ve partnered with the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District  to start their own two-year fundraising campaign with support from the Northwest Michigan Food and Farming Network.

The campaign is striving to raise funds to support locally grown fruits and vegetables going into school lunches multiple times per week. The goal is to provide extra spending power in tight school budgets and help Michigan’s economy while putting healthy food on children’s plates. Each school involved has pledged to match the 10 cents provided from the campaign fund from their existing school lunch dollars.

Traverse City’s annual Pigstock event in October raised $2,625 to specifically provide local schools with extra funds to source local fruits and vegetables!