Advancing a Local Food Council Network


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Photo courtesy of Jude Barry.












The MSU Center for Regional Food Systems hosted a webinar: “Advancing a Local Food Council Network in Michigan” on December 16, 2014. In this webinar, Kathryn Colasanti and Michaelle Rehmann dug deeper into the collective assets and strengths present in Michigan’s local food councils and explored what the gaps and needs are as we begin to form a statewide food council network.

In addition to the webinar, a report: “Advancing a Local Food Council Network in Michigan: an Assessment”, by Michaelle Rehmann and Kathryn Colasanti, was published on December 16, 2014. This report examines local food councils in the state of Michigan and the potential for developing a statewide network of local food policy councils.

The presenters:

Michaelle Rehmann, Consultant, shared findings from interviews with local food council representatives. She also shared background information on councils in Michigan and discussed the potential for a statewide network and proposed network functions.

Kathryn Colasanti, Specialist, Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems, discussed next steps in the formation of a network, including a request for proposals for network coordination.

The “Advancing a Local Food Council Network in Michigan” webinar and webinar presentation slides are available online for those who are interested in learning more.